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  1. Demir April 13, 2014 5:25 am  Antworten

    I used to hold the same opinion, but for a sltlgihy different reason. As one commenter above pointed out, a page without context doesn’t really mean anything at all. By the time you get to that part of the story, you won’t even remember what was on that page. MY problem with having the newest page up on the front page, has to do with the fact that I tend to put webcomics away for a few weeks and then get back to them when I have time and catch up on them. So I come to the frontpage to find where was it that I left off, and I see a spoiler page. Granted, that’s a bit of my fault, I should just bookmark the page where I stoped reading istead of bookmarking the frontpage, but I still used to find that irritating.But after encountering a few comics that do not have the latest page on the front page, I decided that spoiling so me stuff for sporadic readers like me just isn’t worth the numbers of reader you are going to lose if the latest page is NOT there up on the frontpage. Because when I myself come a webcomic website, and do not see the comic itself, I tend to instantly lose all interest, and move on to something else. The amount of time your website has to catch the interest of a potential new reader is so tiny and limited, that it’s really best to just have the latest page up there on the frontpage. And if you REALLY don’t want want that, then for the love of god, have some absolutely GIANT button saying start reading .

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